Client Testimonials

"I like the common sense approach CCI brings to our projects and I've gotten to know and trust the people who work with us from project to project. CCI shares our long-term view about investing in our schools and doing things right. We've worked with the same people over the years and know what to expect."

~ Mark Halloran, Superintendent of Schools, SAU #48

"I have been involved with CCI with two different projects that they constructed for the Epping School District. I could not have been more pleased with the experience. From the daily site management by the superintendents, to the overall project management, to the person that answers the phones, every phase of the projects was handled with professionalism and an honest approach."

~ Jeffrey Nollet, Former Epping School Board Member/Former Epping School Building Committee Chair

"We interviewed six contractors for this project and all of them were qualified. Our question, though, was, "Which organization has the people who will match the way we would like to see things done?" We learned from CCI's references that they complete projects as they said they would. So we picked CCI and, as we went along, we found that it was a wise choice."

~ Denis Joy, Superintendent of Schools, Newmarket School District
"Everyone who has been on campus with CCI has respected that this is a school.  Part of our goal when we built this new facility was to get some of the kids involved.  And the whole CCI crew was great with them."
~ Alan Crocker, Former Headmaster, New Hampton School

"I think it all comes down to personality.  The people you meet at the conference table aren't necessarily the best ones to work with on a project.  But that hasn't been the case with CCI.  As a result, we feel confident with them on campus."

~ Jill Duncan, Business Administrator, New Hampton School

"Building Committee members who are diligently overseeing the project have been impressed with the professionalism, skill, and good humor of the CCI crew.  The CCI team has been a pleasure to work with, and they are mindful of reducing any disruptions in our day to day activities."

~ Susan Calegari, President and CEO, Spaulding Youth Center

"Jeff Downing, our CCI project manager, established weekly construction meetings to review scheduling and to gather updates and issues from various subcontractors.  As building principal, participating in those meetings has been an eye-opening and rewarding experience.  In education, we often contend with abstract learning issues, so it is gratifying to work with concrete."

~ Julie Flynn, Principal, Plymouth Elementary School

"The meetings were well coordinated and well organized with open communication, joint decision making, and visible schedules.  Notes of the meetings followed promptly and action items were checked weekly.  Issues were addressed promptly and the emphasis, to my delight, was constantly on value, quality, cost, and how an action would affect school personnel."

~ Nancy Head, Chair, Amherst School Board

"CCI has been terrific to work with on every project.  The crews know us and our style.  It's also huge that Jeff tells us what we need to hear, not what we may want to hear.  This has always proven to be in everyone's best interest on a project.  Not to mention that we manage to have fun along the way.  That's also important!"

~ Jill Duncan, Director of Finance, New Hampton School

Construction Project Portfolio


New Hampton School Jacobson Ice Arena

Location:  New Hampton, NH
Budget:  $7,800,000

Middleton Elementary School

Location:  Middleton, NH
Budget:  $5,600,000

Pilalas Center for Math & Science

Location:  New Hampton School
New Hampton, NH
Budget:  $7,000,000

Epping Middle/High School

Location:  Epping, NH
Budget:  $10,500,000

New Hampton School O'Connor House

Location:  New Hampton, NH
Budget:  $3,100,000

Spaulding Youth Center School

Location:  Northfield, NH
Budget:  $3,600,000

New Hampton School Meservey Hall

Location:  New Hampton School
New Hampton, NH
Budget:  $4,200,000

Plymouth Elementary School

Location:  Plymouth, NH
Budget:  $3,000,000

New Hampton School Moore House

Location:  New Hampton, NH
Budget:  $1,400,000

Other School Projects


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