Client Testimonials

"One of the most important ingredients is to get the right contractor; CCI fit the bill wonderfully. They were big enough to handle this job, but not so big to lose interest. They are local and used local subcontractors. They've done work for the Town of Tilton in the past and did it well. I do not think we could have picked a better company. In the end, trust was an important factor. We trust CCI and they earned it time and again."

~ Pat Clark, Committee Chairman, Tilton Riverfront Park Committee

“We have been so fortunate to have had the commitment and enthusiasm from CCI during this entire experience – from breaking ground to a year later. The level of customer service has been consistent and exceptional from Sharon to Rudi and Bryant Lehr. It is probably a rare occasion that an established construction company works with a volunteer group to execute a commercial building project, and a challenging one at that. However, this may have been the exception to the rule; decisions were made, questions were asked (and still continue to be asked), considerations made and all in all a strong working relationship established with half a dozen community members that made a difference to their community.”

~ Kate Hamel, President, Friends of the Gilford Public Library
"CCI offers mutual respect for each others' skills at bringing a proactive team effort to each project.  Because we try to learn as much as possible about the builder's challenges on a job we can lighten their load.  We receive cooperation in return when issues arise because CCI takes the time to understand what we as architects are facing.  They are always ready to work with us as team players, which works for everyone involved."
~ Tom Samyn, Principal, Samyn-D'Elia Architects, P.A.

"We had no idea what to expect, but this is what we got:  expert management under Jeff Downing's watchful eye; ditto Mark Marceau, who kept a basketful of balls in the air, and never complained that the library crew was 'in the way'; and, a CCI construction crew who were uniformly hard-working and a pleasure to be around, and scores of capable subcontractors who kept the job moving forward, on time."

~ Katherine Hillier, Library Director, Pease Public Library

Construction Project Portfolio


Holderness Free Library

Location:  Holderness, NH
Budget:  $680,000

Wolfeboro Town Hall

Location:  Wolfeboro, NH
Budget:  $3,800,000

Pease Public Library

Location:  Plymouth, NH
Budget:  $2,600,000

Minot-Sleeper Library

Location:  Bristol, NH
Budget:  $925,000

Campton Town Hall

Location:  Campton, NH
Budget:  $1,300,000

Other Municipality Projects


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