Client Testimonials

"All of us at Taylor Community, the residents and staff, are thrilled with the finished building."

~ Howard Chandler, Executive Director, Taylor Community

"I have been exposed to several general contractors up and down the east coast. My experience with CCI has been with two projects in the last three years. It is undoubtedly the best contractor I have had the pleasure to work with in my years in the business. Always on time and under budget, something I haven't had an opportunity to say when talking about a contractor before. There was never a problem, always an opportunity, when it came to dealing with issues."

~ Tom Frawley, Vice President of Operations, Johnson & Dix

"All of us at Centex are very pleased with the CCI staff and all of the subcontractors on the project. Their commitment to staying on schedule, working safely and turning out a quality product should make everyone involved proud to be a part of the Riverside Terrace project. We have received many compliments on the design and quality of the finished units. Centex Destination Properties would like to thank all those involved in helping us achieve a successful development community."

~ Stan Duda, Senior Project Manager, Centex Destination Properties

"I have been involved with CCI with two different projects that they constructed for the Epping School District. I could not have been more pleased with the experience. From the daily site management by the superintendents, to the overall project management, to the person that answers the phones, every phase of the projects was handled with professionalism and an honest approach."

~ Jeffrey Nollet, Former Epping School Board Member/Former Epping School Building Committee Chair

“We have been so fortunate to have had the commitment and enthusiasm from CCI during this entire experience – from breaking ground to a year later. The level of customer service has been consistent and exceptional from Sharon to Rudi and Bryant Lehr. It is probably a rare occasion that an established construction company works with a volunteer group to execute a commercial building project, and a challenging one at that. However, this may have been the exception to the rule; decisions were made, questions were asked (and still continue to be asked), considerations made and all in all a strong working relationship established with half a dozen community members that made a difference to their community.”

~ Kate Hamel, President, Friends of the Gilford Public Library

"When we got ready to begin, we realized it was more than we could do well on our own. It wasn't just building it; it was construction management, the trades and subs that CCI has gained the respect of, the strong organizational attitude from the top down at CCI. We can make a place look and feel good, but CCI helps make it a proper, sound product."

~ Alex Ray, Owner, Great American Dining

"With CCI, it's not just about numbers and nails. They care about how the project turns out."

~ Rusty McLear, President, Hampshire Hospitality Holdings

"We interviewed six contractors for this project and all of them were qualified. Our question, though, was, "Which organization has the people who will match the way we would like to see things done?" We learned from CCI's references that they complete projects as they said they would. So we picked CCI and, as we went along, we found that it was a wise choice."

~ Denis Joy, Superintendent of Schools, Newmarket School District

"I like the common sense approach CCI brings to our projects and I've gotten to know and trust the people who work with us from project to project. CCI shares our long-term view about investing in our schools and doing things right. We've worked with the same people over the years and know what to expect."

~ Mark Halloran, Superintendent of Schools, SAU #48

"One of the most important ingredients is to get the right contractor; CCI fit the bill wonderfully. They were big enough to handle this job, but not so big to lose interest. They are local and used local subcontractors. They've done work for the Town of Tilton in the past and did it well. I do not think we could have picked a better company. In the end, trust was an important factor. We trust CCI and they earned it time and again."

~ Pat Clark, Committee Chairman, Tilton Riverfront Park Committee

"We had some changes take place over the course of the job and on a few of those occasions, the changes resulted in less cost for that job. My budget was credited each time right away. I have never had that happen before. I was amazed."

~ Susan Messinger, Practice Manager, Main Street Dental

"Ron did a great job and was THE most professional contractor I have EVER dealt with."

~ Regina Wentworth-Modoux, Owner, Progressive Foods

"I think we all expected the recent renovation of our Main Office to be difficult in many ways. As you know, having workers in the building during normal banking hours has the potential for various problems. Needless to say, I was anticipating some difficulties during this process. I am amazed and pleased to report that I did not have one complaint from a customer or employee during this recent renovation. John and his crew were very aware that we were open for business and did everything they could to complete the job as quickly as possible with minimal disruptions. As you know, they finished quite a bit ahead of schedule, and as usual, the finished product looks great."

~ Alison Whynot, AVP Collections/Facilities, Meredith Village Savings Bank

"Building Committee members who are diligently overseeing the project have been impressed with the professionalism, skill, and good humor of the CCI crew.  The CCI team has been a pleasure to work with, and they are mindful of reducing any disruptions in our day to day activities."

~ Susan Calegari, President and CEO, Spaulding Youth Center

"Recently, we were particularly pleased with CCI when they 'went to bat for us' on two warranty issues; at no cost to us.  In today's climate of passing the buck, it was nice to know that the buck stopped at CCI's desk and they stood behind their product.  That speaks volumes of their character and commitment to their clients."

~ Lori Rowell, Director of Marketing and Sales, Pats Peak Ski Area

Construction Project Portfolio

Featured Projects...

Common Man Inn & Restaurant

Location:  Claremont, NH
Budget:  $3,900,000

Pilalas Center for Math & Science

Location:  New Hampton School
New Hampton, NH
Budget:  $7,000,000

Pease Public Library

Location:  Plymouth, NH
Budget:  $2,600,000

Boathouse Lodge at Church Landing

Location:  Meredith, NH
Budget:  $3,100,000

New Hampton School O'Connor House

Location:  New Hampton, NH
Budget:  $3,100,000

Cascade Spa at Church Landing

Location:  Meredith, NH
Budget:  $600,000

Spaulding Youth Center School

Location:  Northfield, NH
Budget:  $3,600,000

New Hampton School Meservey Hall

Location:  New Hampton School
New Hampton, NH
Budget:  $4,200,000

Hooksett Rest Areas

Location:  Hooksett, NH
Budget:  $24,000,000