Client Testimonials

"When we got ready to begin, we realized it was more than we could do well on our own. It wasn't just building it; it was construction management, the trades and subs that CCI has gained the respect of, the strong organizational attitude from the top down at CCI. We can make a place look and feel good, but CCI helps make it a proper, sound product."

~ Alex Ray, Owner, Great American Dining

"I think it all comes down to personality.  The people you meet at the conference table aren't necessarily the best ones to work with on a project.  But that hasn't been the case with CCI.  As a result, we feel confident with them on campus."

~ Jill Duncan, Business Administrator, New Hampton School

“We have been so fortunate to have had the commitment and enthusiasm from CCI during this entire experience – from breaking ground to a year later. The level of customer service has been consistent and exceptional from Sharon to Rudi and Bryant Lehr. It is probably a rare occasion that an established construction company works with a volunteer group to execute a commercial building project, and a challenging one at that. However, this may have been the exception to the rule; decisions were made, questions were asked (and still continue to be asked), considerations made and all in all a strong working relationship established with half a dozen community members that made a difference to their community.”

~ Kate Hamel, President, Friends of the Gilford Public Library

"With CCI, it's not just about numbers and nails. They care about how the project turns out."

~ Rusty McLear, President, Hampshire Hospitality Holdings

"I think we all expected the recent renovation of our Main Office to be difficult in many ways. As you know, having workers in the building during normal banking hours has the potential for various problems. Needless to say, I was anticipating some difficulties during this process. I am amazed and pleased to report that I did not have one complaint from a customer or employee during this recent renovation. John and his crew were very aware that we were open for business and did everything they could to complete the job as quickly as possible with minimal disruptions. As you know, they finished quite a bit ahead of schedule, and as usual, the finished product looks great."

~ Alison Whynot, AVP Collections/Facilities, Meredith Village Savings Bank

Other Projects To See

Sustainable Building Practices

These generally include low-impact materials, energy efficiency, quality and durability, design for reuse and recycling, design impact measures, renewability, and healthy buildings.

Here are a few of CCI’s recent projects with sustainable building elements:

Webster Place Recovery Center, Franklin, NH

Formerly Daniel Webster Family Farm
Plan NH Award

Sustainable Building Elements

  • As part of their treatment, Webster Place residents farm two acres of fertile land, feeding themselves and the Webster Place staff
  • Residents tap maples on the property to make syrup.  Wood that couldn't be used in the construction serves as fuel for the boiling process
  • Conservation of a mile of the Merrimack River and the farm's open fields help maintain water quality, protects native fish and wildlife habitats, and provides for public access
  • 3/4 of the original steam radiators were re-used
  • Bricks were reused to make walkways
  • Existing windows and interior doors were saved and re-used
  • 20,000 square feet of manufactured "seconds" wood flooring was used
  • Reconditioned furniture, sinks and toilets were used in the building
  • Electric fluorescent or LED lighting with motion switches were installed throughout
  • The old furnace was replaced with a chimney wood chip boiler to reduce heating costs for the facility

Meredith Village Savings Bank, Wolfeboro, NH

Golden Hammer Award, Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce

Sustainable Building Elements

  • Geothermal heating/cooling system - ground source heat pump collects natural heat from the earth to keep the building warm in the winter and reverses itself in the summer to pull hot air out of the building and pump it into the ground
  • Porous pavement in parking lot to remove pollutants from rainwater and snowmelt
  • Walkways warmed by geothermal heat to reduce ice buildup and promote safer walking for customers without the use of toxic ice-melting chemicals
  • BIBSTM (Blow-In-Blanket SystemTM) insulation system - provides blown-in insulation in the six inch exterior walls and one-inch layer of rigid insulation on the interior face

Gilford Public Library, Gilford, NH

Sustainable Building Elements

  • Geothermal heating/cooling system
  • Significant building insulation - 4" of rigid insulation at the lower level, and 2" of rigid insulation at the upper level; supplemental insulation in the form of fiberglass batts and blown in cellulose; an R-21 vented nailbase added to the roof and supplemented with fiberglass batts below the roofline
  • Triple glazed fixed windows

Claremont Mill Buildings, Claremont, NH

Sustainable Building Elements

  • Complete rehabilitation and upgrading of two mill buildings originally constructed in 1836
  • Installation of modern, energy-efficient windows throughout
  • Salvage & reuse of materials original to building
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Insulation upgrades
  • State-of-the-art heating and cooling systems and controls
  • New roofing system

New Hampton School, New Hampton NH

The Pilalas Center for Math and Science
Sustainable Building Elements

  • Constructed on a previously developed site and conserving green space
  • Water efficient landscaping (irrigating from pond) and native plant species
  • Building with southern orientation
  • Day-lighting - glass floors provide shared light through the center of the building
  • Occupancy and daylight sensors for efficient energy use
  • High efficiency mechanical system with energy recovery units to serve multiple buildings comprising Academic Row
  • Air infiltration testing - tight building envelope with high R values
  • Recycled building material from Randall Hall and new construction debris
  • Local materials used in new building construction
  • Low VOC emitting materials, adhesives and paints
  • Granite in lobby floor from local quarries